Primavera Risk Analysis (Pertmaster)


Primavera Risk Analysis (formerly Pertmaster) is a risk analysis software that can work with Primavera P6, P3 and MS Project.

Schedule Check

The Primavera Risk Analysis Schedule Check feature lets users evaluate schedule maturity and risk readiness by seeking common scheduling problems that can affect deterministic schedules. The Schedule Check report provides the rationale behind each check and explains how it can affect risk analysis. It also provides a list of the activities identified.

Templated Quick Risk

The Primavera Risk Analysis Templated Quick Risk feature uses a template approach to assign uncertainty risk distributions to tasks based on WBS (work breakdown structure), activity code, user-defined field, or filter. Providing a more advanced way of executing quick risk, these templates make it easy to model task uncertainty.

Risk Register Wizard

With the Primavera Risk Analysis Risk Register Wizard, users can quickly create new risk registers, defining risk scoring criteria, entering qualitative risk assessments, and mapping risks to scheduled activities. Users can then gather quantitative assessments and more-detailed information in the resulting risk registers.

Risk Register

By using the Risk Register feature in Primavera Risk Analysis, users can integrate pre- developed risk registers as well as define new ones. Users can also employ this feature to produce both qualitative and quantitative models of positive and negative risk events (threats and opportunities) and their associated response plans (such as mitigation). Risk Register also automatically integrates identified risk events into the schedule, by creating a risk event plan, which users can then analyze to determine both key risk drivers and the cost-effectiveness of the identified mitigation strategies.

Risk Analysis

Primavera Risk Analysis uses advanced Monte Carlo-based cost and schedule analytics to provide full-lifecycle risk management through the following types of risk models: estimate uncertainty, task existence, probabilistic branching, fixed-cost uncertainty, variable-cost uncertainty, resource uncertainty, conditional branching, and weather modeling. In addition, users can conduct risk analyses at both the project and portfolio level, making strategic decisions about project selection through portfolio models as well as traditional project-level risk analysis against individual or linked schedules.


Documents and Resources

Brochure (PDF) 

Sample Reports (PDF)

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