Unifier OpenOffice Add-on

Easy Data Import from Spreadsheets

We have developed an add-on to OpenOffice for convenience of Unifier users to import data from spreadsheets.
This extension eliminates need to generate and import CSV files which is the only way to import data.
Users may individually or bulk update Unifier records directly from OpenOffice Calc.

Unifier Addon


Users may specify which BPs will be exposed to OpenOffice for data retrieval and update data. 

Unifier Addon

Ease Of Use

The extension adds a menu and toolbar for Unifier integration. It is easy to run.

Unifier Addon

Forms in Spreadsheets

Users can enter a single record by a spreadsheet form. For instance enter your daily report and send it to Unifier

Unifier Addon

Import Multiple Records

Import bulk data including line items on a spreadsheet easily. Contracts, bid items or data from ERP could be easily transferred to Unifier.

OpenOffice Add-on for Unifier

The Unifier add-on is available at OpenOffice extensions page .

Download The Extension


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