Designed for the job

The Aconex collaboration platform has been designed and configured around construction needs. It standardizes document management, approvals, correspondence management, tender handling and other critical processes across the entire project.

Industry experts

All users are supported by construction and engineering project implementation specialists, backed by 24x7 online and Oracle helpdesk support.

Joint project success

Whether you are a Owner, Developer or Contractor, a higher adoption rate and full use of a system translates into better information capture and improved visibility of project performance.

Easy adoption and use

Your complex projects' collaboration and field coordination tool may be up and running in days. Users see a system that is easy to use.

One Collaboration Platform:Aconex

Aconex is the global leader in collaborative information management services for the project environment and has been selected for projects valued at over $1 trillion in projects across 80,000 user organizations in over 70 countries.
Delivered on demand, on a project-by-project basis, Aconex is used to securely capture and efficiently distribute, manage and retrieve all project information.
Rather than replacing internal systems (which were not designed to drive real time collaboration across organizations), Aconex complements them, bridging the gap between company-centric information management and cross-project collaboration. In this way, it reduces cost, drives efficiency, and helps control project risk.
Best-practice information management on construction projects demands a solution that:
  • Is designed around industry practices, not a generic document management toolkit
  • Can be implemented quickly across multiple locations
  • Secures your critical project information, while encouraging collaboration
  • Is easy to use, facilitating adoption by all participants
By providing integrated document, workflows, correspondence, and tender management, Aconex delivers value at every stage of the project lifecycle.


Document and correspondence management supports the capture of every drawing and specification from the outset, ready for handover to the contractor.


Once on board, team members follow the procedures and processes that have been agreed for the project and get controlled access to centralized information. Workflows and RFI management help contractors to track communication and to identify bottlenecks before they impact schedules.

Operations and maintenance

At completion, Aconex can provide a complete, fully-searchable archive of property-related documentation for general maintenance, facility management and later redevelopment purposes. Aconex is delivered as an on-demand service, giving the flexibility to use the level of functionality that each project stage requires.

Collaborate on BIM Models

Aconex Model Explore and Model Coordination features offer complete set of tools to collaborate on BIM models with all the project team. View, navigate within models, measure and comment, create referenced issues and RFIs on models.

Aconex is transforming project collaboration since 2001. You can eradicate design and construction coordination failures with proven technology and processes. Act now!

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