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How To Display Total Float And Free Float Bars In The Gantt Chart

This document illustrates how Total Float and Free Float bars are displayed within the Gantt Chart.

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PRM Transfer setup and initial configuration

Before downloading and using the PRMTransfer utility, please read below:
  • As the application is at Beta stage, don't use it with live data. Before using it, backup/export your projects or Primavera database.  PRM will not be responsible for any problems or data loss resulting from the use of this utility. Use it at your own risk. 
  • This utility is developed for Primavera P6 release 8.0 onwards. Version 7.x not supported. Also for Professional version 19 and above are not supported.
  • Since Primavera API do not support SQLite database, the PRMTransfer utility will not work with SQLite database. We are sorry for the inconvenience!
  • Primavera P6 is running on SQL Server but with no Unicode support. So if you are using a different codepage than Latin1 on SQL server, you have to be careful when importing data with special characters in it.
  • Please drop us an email if you need support.

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Technical Support

Instant and Reliable Support 

User adoption is one of the key factors that allow organizations to maximize return on their software investment. With our over 20 years experience and expertise we are here to provide assistance and support to our customers.

Customers under maintenance contract get technical support on different channels:

  • Contact support by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Call +90(216) 469 9600 
  • Use live  chat on our webpage
  • Access technical bulletins (Turkish) on our website

Alternatively customers with valid CSI number and current support contract may access  My Oracle Support portal for online knowledgebase, documentation, patches and updates.  Community forums are hosted by Oracle for all products and accessible by a valid Oracle account.


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